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Responsible Gaming

Air Rescue Services Ltd and its venue operators accept a duty to provide a responsible gaming environment. An environment such as this exists where the potential for harm is minimised, and players can make informed decisions about their participation in gaming activities. Air Rescue Services Ltd enforces a comprehensive Harm Minimisation Policy at all its gaming venues. For a copy of this policy, please contact Air Rescue Services Ltd on (03) 354 9566.

Prominent signage and information is displayed at all Air Rescue Services Ltd gaming venues about the risks of problem gambling, how to recognise the signs and where to seek help. Pamphlets specifying treatment providers and how they can be contacted are readily available. The Gambling Helpline is the national free phone counselling service available for people seeking information or assistance. The main contact number is 0800 654 655

All venue staff receive extensive training in recognising potential problem gamblers, and will provide the necessary contact details to players who seek help, or are concerned about their gaming behaviour. Exclusion and Self Exclusion procedures are also enforced at all member venues.

Credit will not be extended by Air Rescue Services Ltd member venues for the sole purpose of playing gaming machines.

Intoxicated persons may also be prevented from playing gaming machines and will lawfully be removed from gaming premises if required.

For more information,
call the Gambling Helpline
Toll-free on 0800 654 655
or visit


Underage Gaming

Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to play gaming machines. It is an offence against the Gambling Act 2003 for any person under the age of 18 to enter the gaming area of a pub/hotel/tavern. This law is strictly enforced at all Air Rescue Services Ltd's member venues.